Both built-in loudspeakers have a very dominant place over the keyboard. However, if you increase the resolution to x pixels and medium details, it already gets tight in view of performance with an average of The maximum given contrast of the built-in screen reached a ratio of There were four gigabytes of main memory built-in in the installed system. If you choose the minimum resolution of x pixels and low details, the system very well achieves a playable range with an average of This touchpad supports a few multi-touch features for zooming and scrolling.

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The Aspire G’s Safire Blue high-gloss lid permits fun reflections and is susceptible for smudge marks like for instance fingerprints The heating becomes very noticeable for the left hand at typing or controlling games via A-W-S-D with observed maximum values of up to We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

This ranges from DVD rendering and maybe BluRays, if this option has been selected, to less demanding computer games.

The port placement is more or less suitable, depending on the planned mission. Particularly the price plays an important role, especially for multimedia starter notebooks and AMD is the leader here.

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A dramatical runtime cave in is to be noted under load. This touchpad supports a few multi-touch features for zooming and scrolling. The Acer Aspire G presents itself as fully orientated on multimedia. Even the only discreet clicking noise of the keys could please in the test. In any case, both USB 2. The rest is reserved from the operating system for itself and for Memory Mapped IO. Vista Home Premium 32 Bit is preinstalled in regards to the operating system. This will be more or less noticeable depending on the application, for instance when your interest is captivated elsewhere in gaming.


50.4cg14.021 Laptop Video Cable Acer Aspire 5536 5542

The keys’ type feel turns out a bit awkward, letting themselves only be pressed with much effort close to the dead zone whilst they respond especially easily at the edge areas. However the double-blocked USB ports on the right side edge in the front area might prove to be disadvantageous at constant occupation.

Therefore it’s not obvious where the left mouse key ends and the right one starts, not to mention the dead zone between them and you often hit exactly this. Intensely reflective display at adverse light conditions as for instance outdoors.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The integrated Dolby-optimized surround sound system becomes worth its money, to an extent. The touchpad turns out comparatively large and is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding case. With this, merely around 2 working hours are possible without an external power source.

Even the pad’s gliding 55336 are alright and make uncomplicated navigation possible with the pad. Although it needs a bit of getting used to in the beginning, in the end it works perfectly. There aren’t any irregularities in regards to the size of the given alphanumeric keys.


The hardware finds its limits of performance quickly in computing intensive programs. A UMTS modem is searched for in vain, though. One thing’s for sure: The one in the test device was fitted with a DDR2 memory. Touchpad The touchpad turns out comparatively large and is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding case.

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The sole brake of the otherwise high-quality plastic case is the restricted opening angle. Hence, lefties will generally have their difficulties with the Acer Aspire G at extensive port assignment. The AMD processors are somewhat behind those equally clocked chips from Intel, in regards to performance but this is not so significant for undemanding applications. This also puts a frequent carrying around away relatively well. Hot Keys All remaining hot keys are to be found over the keyboard.

The touchpad keys present themselves as not quite as convincing, these having been designed as one single long key.