The value of R3 series current limiting resistor for the strobe LED has been selected on the conservative side rather than providing maximum brightness. The same firmware code is used with either device. The 12F must be connected to a power supply, as follows: They can be 0 or 1 as they have no effect. You can now make any changes to the program. Display posts from previous: Customising the strobe timing.

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Start Here with 12F

The circuit for this is: Four jumpers provide options for changing the pulse width, strobe repeat interval and single or double strobe flash. The following sub-routine is suitable to create a sleep condition: The space between the signals forming the same letter is equal to one dot.

The chip has only 6 lines so the instruction is really: This allows you to easily find each sub-routine. A number of files can be addressed by a sub-routine and the information can be moved into each file or read from each file. The following cblock is the same as the above. They can be 0 or 1 as they have no effect. However it only needs the code writin g once, I’ve done that and designed a small PCB too so away you go.


The double mode has a default mS off-time between the two pulses.

Spacing and length of the signals. Is there any good tutorial website you know of where I can learn?

We will leave three lines for three instructions, at 04, 05, The prefix 0x in the result simply tells us the value is in hexadecimal hex for short. Wed Aug 16, 4: Converting decimal values to hexadecimal Depending on your programmer the values you need to enter will probably be in hexadecimal, easiest way to convert decimal values to hexadecimal is Google, see example below.

The operating modes are selected by using jumper block JP1. Delay Routine There are two ways to write a Delay Routine and other routines.

This type of sub-routine is interesting and challenging to create. Here is how the program is laid out:.


The use of an output transistor allows it to pulse the strobe LED with a current up to mA. There is a reason for this. Obviously we want the strobe LED to be as bright as possible.

This is called “Byte Setting” as the whole byte is acted on in a single operation: I will try and find that book and buy it, if any one wants to put a copy on ebay I will buy it, let me know!


Construction is very straightforward.

How to program 12F629 to regulate LED flashlight?

The template above consists of 6 different areas: Im very good with electronics and have made many pic projects but never understood the code, so far ive made PLL units and RDS encoders but with pre made code and just slapped it onto the chips.

In the following, 13 files have been identified and will be given the file numbers: Strobe output signal sampled from GPIO2 output pin all jumpers open.

When I try and compile the above code it says in red bar at bottom of program: Start by giving a name to the program, and revision number plus date. Display posts from previous: This arrangement has an advantage. We can call it delay1. It is important that the series resistor R3 is chosen so that the LED current does not exceed the manufacturers rating.