However, its comparably loud clicking noise somewhat annoys. Nevertheless, the case appears to be very stable and compact. Loudness During idle mode the fan frequently changes its revolutions. Please, switch off ad blockers. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The first saving measures get apparent at the provided interfaces. Product specifications may differ from country to country.

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On the contrary, the case convinces by compact and robust construction, So the mobile use of this notebook is rather restricted.

During typing, you’ll detect that the total keyboard somewhat yields under pressure and is only rather loosely direless. This is hardly sufficient for Windows Vista pre-installed per default. In total we were surprised that a very reasonable notebook still rates passable in many aspects. This notebooks is also equipped with an integrated Intel GMA wirelsss chip which fulfills the minimum requirements of Vistabut there are hardly any reserve capacities for 3D multimedia applications.

ASUS X51R UAA BUS Audio Driver | Wireless Drivers

The Asus X51R’s keyboard is not especially structured in any way. The performance is this notebook’s main weakness. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject seriee change without notice.


Up to here, besides a poor equipment with interfaces, we did not face any heavy saving measure. Although the good brightness and illumination would make this display fit for outdoor usage, its reflecting surface causes heavy reflections especially in bright environments.

The maximum battery runtime of only 2 hours is the second main weakness. The number and variety of ports provided is rather short: Surprisingly the reflecting The surface temperatures were alright. Also the capacity should be alright for standard use.

The battery runtime is the second weakness for the benefit of a low price. If there weren’t multiple Asus logos, this notebook could be easily mismatched another manufacturer.

Nearly all keys again except of the cursor keys and the F-keys are well and user-friendly dimensioned.

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Both of the speakers at the front edge provide you with a rather acceptable sound at limited maximum volume. The provided 80GB hard disk rated average regarding transfer rates and access times.

Further information about the video card can be found here or in our comparison of mobile video cards. In the center above the keyboard there are the Asus typical hot keys, which can be used to, e. So working in the sunshine is rather difficult. The maximum battery runtime is rather poor.


Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. The key size is generally alright.

Horizontally, the stability to the vantage point is mainly limited by reflections at acute angles. In total red colors dominate and let the colors appear warmer.

By upgrading with another MB Ram even a layperson can improve the performance. The review verifies this. Well, allows, but doesn’t make it joyful. At forceful typing, a clear clatter can be heard.

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Loudness During idle mode the fan frequently changes its revolutions. Although there is nothing striking regarding design, the X51R looks alright. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.