To kill another tree select y. No idea why ls was generating an error because the directory is there and three rules exist. Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Windows 8. Apparently, some files are copied into the wrong folder. Can print to network printer but cannot use the scan function which recommended these steps:. Setting up brother-udev-rule-type1 1. Due to link rot – please copy the relevant parts of the link to your answer!

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Short Answer

Looking at the new Brother udev rule all it does after a whole bunch scsnner code is set:. There are five download packages. However, the Brother DCPC routinely failed to recognise paper edges – a fault we thought we’d left in the last century. The file downloaded is: Error on the last line.

It proves the scanner can be used with open source tools on Ubuntu. That is close enough.

They say update the firmware first. It says “The Brother Linux scanner driver works only with a superuser by default”.

I have also been editing the ‘rules’ filebut in the end reverted everything as it did not solve anything. Pros Excellent quality photo prints, easy to setup. To find this out, switch on your scanner and do lsusb. Notice the Release Date is Christmasonly a few months old.


CUPSwrapper printer driver deb package 2 languages. Scan-key-tool 64bit deb package 2 languages.

Brother DCP-350C

Installation Step 3 – Download Software Now that the preliminaries are finished and the Command Line aficionados and GUI haters in Dccp-350c have put my name on their dart boards we get to select the software to download: Both Brother models enjoy excellent space-saving design qualities: My printer is the scaner icon in the panel, which being 3 icons wide is immediately below yours.

My system is lubuntu I also had to add my username to the group lp, because that is the group that owns the scan device. But they provide no link to do so. I think I solved this problem finally by using the Brother driver installer.

Second item, “I cannot find the brother machine”.

There is a firmware update link on the DCPC product page. I do have this usb lib installed already anyway. Getting this Brother scanner to work is like threading a needle in a wind tunnel. Installation Step 5 – Testing I cheated a bit and found this: The problem seemed to be that the Brother website was directing linux users from its C brothdr to old versions of its drivers and installers.


No idea why ls was generating an error because the directory is there and three rules exist. Preparing to unpack brother-udev-rule-type Note that even pressing the scan button on the scanner works to scan the image and invoke gimp image editor automatically. Driver Install Tool Select your language.

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Installing the brother scanner could go down on record as the longest non-programming answer I’ve written: Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. The posts here helped haul me out.

The script runs apt install on it’s own.