Do not leave the floppy disk in a high-temperature place e. You can lock the front door using the provided security key. The first section of this chapter tells you how to reset your system in the event of problems. Tightening the Heatsink Screws Page 97 Eg User Guide – Configuring Your System Initializing Disk Drives If an installed disk does not appear in the disk selection list for creating a new array or if it appears grayed out, you may have to initialize it before you can use it as part of an array. PXE booting must operate properly, if available.

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Two memory DIMMs are installed. Controller Card Workstation 4. Dual Intel Itanium bill 1. Memory Dump Debug Information This section describes the procedures for collecting memory dump debug information in the server. Solving Problems Eg User Guide – Problem Solving Solving Problems When the server fails to operate as expected, see the following to find out your problem and follow the instruction given before asking for repair.

Integrated Graphics shared memory Component Class: Use an antistatic wrist strap. If you installed a full-length PCI board you must also align the rear edge of the PCI board with the guide slots located in the fan cover. Three incorrect password entries disable the server to boot. Remove the disk carrier tray from the bay where you are installing the hard disk drive.


For the disk which does not conform to the CD standard, the playback of such a disk with the CD drive is not guaranteed. E Chipset Component Class: Monitor connector The monitor connector is connected with the display unit. Page Page – Figure 4 – Glgabit menu will appear.

RAID levels 0 and 1. Fixed Disk Drive Component Test: Must be avilable as an installation medium. Follow the message to specify each item on the dialog box and click [Next].

If the system is in sleep state, pressing the power button momentarily brings the system out of the sleep state. Hardware certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is now listed in this file and has been removed from the Hardware Catalog. Page Eg User Guide – Glossary extended memory The protected memory above 1M that is directly accessible by the microprocessor through certain utilities and operating systems.

Hardware failure is a less frequent cause. Memory Chapter 2.


Information on front and rear panel features, switches and LEDs are also included in this chapter. It is off if power is not applied to the server power exprsss not connected. Otherwise, wear an antistatic wrist strap attached to chassis ground.

NEC Express 5800 120Eg User Manual

Using longer screws or those of different diameter may cause damage to the device. For details on the cable buull, see the manual supplied with the RAID controller board. Requires Update 4 Motherboard: Additional Certification Notes No additional certification notes provided Chapter 3.

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.

Certified Hardware – Systems and Components |

Intel E Lindenhurst Component Class: Select “Advanced Configuration Options” and press Enter. When logo displays, press the ESC key. Remove the option board from its protective wrapper, holding the board only by the edges.