Not much experienced, try to understand the Linux. P Just wanted to introduce myself. I attained my father’s and mother’s do-it-yourself attitude that you shouldn’t depend on anyone when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself. I started with Ubuntu 9. Then throat Cancer ,so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type or move but i ain’t dead yet doggitt! This forum has made that transition so much easier because I can get good answers to hard problems. I’ve been using Adobe Premiere and Photoshop now for around fifteen years but am really keen to try out some of the Linux open source options.

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Drivers for Crea NU4-E notebooks smartphones

But I got a new laptop crda in February and I’m hooked. I am glad that there are so many resources to help get me along. I like things that are fast.: It’s been about seven years since I ‘shutdown -h now’ my Slackware box. Hello everyone, I’m a mac user running an Ubuntu dual boot.

I see myself browsing and hopefully participating here more in the near future. It is my goal to be fluent in more than a few languages so I can get insight into past cultures. You all have a great cre.

If you need some help with emulating games on Wine, call me, I’ll gladly help!


Cisco AEso unfortunately had to switch back to windows. Hey all, Although I’ve dabbled with Xandros and a few other distributions in the past I’m relatively new to Linux.

I’ve come sometimes in this forum searching for answers to my problems, and I always found what I was looking for.

Crea Nu4 E Driver Download

I did how ever have a habit of downloading Linix distro after Linux distro. I hope I can count on other members to help me along the way as I explore. The gentlemen I worked with said monkeys. This is my first post in Ubuntu Forums and I hope I can help others as I keep learning more from you all.

Crea Nu4 14e Wireless Driver – instructionrite

So far, I haven’t even needed to ask a question yet since the answers are already there. How about a link to the thread you already put up so people reading this can backtrace it hopefully answer it? Crea Nu4 E now has a special edition for these Windows bu4 Now, here is short, watered-down version of my tale of awakening in a technical sense lol.

It worked good, but my wired connection would never work, so I decided to try We don’t have that sort of spare money for the basic things we need to do.

The windows operating system was so bulky, it just frustrated me! But I’m ready to be wow’d by Been working on Windows OS’s for the last 4 years.


I’m a tad slow, just discovered this thread. I remember how 2 years ago I went to college for programming and dropped out because I always wanted to be a police officer. xl

Here’s a link that might be helpful. I still work on other peoples computers windows. I bared with it because I don’t really use my computer much.

Bill Gates – Wikipedia

I have also successfully introduced my family to Linux, with them using Xubuntu on the desktop computer as the only OS for the basic browsing and work with documents. I am trying to acquire expertness in Linux and from my limited knowledge and experience try to help others. Looking forward to contribute to Ubuntu systems in whatever way I can I’m Sam, as you can tell from my username, I’m 16 and from the UK.

Feel free to add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter see my sig!!! Please help me to find frea where I’m going wrong. Crea u40si1 driver u40si1 drivers windows 7 u40si1 drivers crsa u40si1 xp driver u40si1 drivers xp Advertisement.