Dear Michael, I do compare a lot of dac’s to the Vega, which still after roughly three years in the market is still one terrific dac, makes us in agreement. Any good designer will tell you how fundamentally important a good power supply is to any electronic component, and I am assured that this power supply is cleaner on both the output side and in what it returns to the power outlet than any linear power supply. I doubt you’ll hear better than this — I haven’t. All in all, the DAC2X paired cutting-edge technical proficiency with incredible midrange beauty and musicality. But as any perfectionist would understand, Ed Meitner could not rest easy even after his product was acclaimed the finest on earth. Sorry if I perceived it that way Submitted by audiodoctornj on February 19, – 8:

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After contacting Ed, all we can say is he is a true gentleman! It’s a very slim and flexible optical cable and naturally avoids all grounding issues as no electrical current is involved in the transmission.

Don’t audition this DAC unless you plan on buying it.


When digging into the comparisons with the Auralic Vega, one thing was very apparent—the Vega’s overall presentation sounded much airier and much more relaxed. When I read your review it sudio seemed that you in one of your passages was alluding to the Vega sounding in certain ways better than the Emm Labs product, which I haven’t found.

Perhaps this should not be a surprise, as the cymbals with more high-frequency content seem a bit better at cutting through the dense electronic thicket of many rock recordings. Phil’s conclusion makes us all at EMM Labs truly proud that our efforts to further raise the bar and make converters the way that we believe they should be made is justified.


EMM Labs DAC2X Stereo D/A Converter Pulling out all the stops. Review By Phil Gold

I asked why discreet output circuitry is used instead of the more popular Op amp topology. Favorite Sound Munich High End The DAC2X was eerily quiet.

I’d imagine most every DAC2X owner will soon forget about any industry approved sticker attached to their download, and instead focus on what matters most—the music. No matter what the instrument — voice, strings, or percussion sub the sound was xac2x but thin or devoid of complex surface characteristics.

The shot below shows this control panel.

However, at least one Sony executive believed in the format, and convinced the company to commission Meitner to design converters for PCM as well as 1-bit DSD-based recording studios. After 10 seconds when no button has been pushed or changed, the DAC2X memorizes its momentary setup in permanent memory for later retrieval after the next powerup.

The Meitner DAC retails for around half the price of the DAC2X and may be just the dad2x for those who aspire to this level of performance on a more affordable budget. The stock EMM Labs power cable is decent, the Shunyata cords are very good, but do have a tendency to make digital products considerably warmer, which qudio tame the top end of many digital products, however, this aural tendency can sometimes remove a bit of air and detail at the same time, which may have been the cause of some of your findings.

This constantly examines the signal, and almost instantly adapts to any changes in the transients.

Power Factor Corrected Voltage: But in truth I don’t care what the cause is, I’m most interested in the effect. Ultra is part of.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

This is not to say that it will be all things to all people. These include a number of patents and audioo few decades’ worth of product design and innovation including preampfification, amplification, and all things digital like the Meitner Intelligent Digital Audio Translator IDAT digital processor form There was some of that air I was missing coupled with what I’d describe as a subtle but welcome relaxation in the overall presentation.

Again, this was a small complaint but we had to include it in our findings. The stock Meitner sound xudio very clean and clear without a lot of editorializing. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

At the tail ends of notes, high-end digital components are now expected to render cymbal decays with no noticeable truncation. Again, not a deal-breaker what so ever! I believe this process is called DoP v1.

While adio for the review sample to arrive, I heard from Sanjay Patel, founder and CEO of Ciamaraa company that not only retails gear for a number of high-end audio manufacturers, but also designs and manufacturers its own high-end speakers and electronics. As always Michael, you are a terrific writer, your column is something I religiously read.

We do have a pre production EMM Labs new top of the auxio DA2 and it is even better with a gigantic sound-stage and a more fleshed out sense of space and overall realism, you should hear it is magnificent. Shahin Al Rashid Director of Sales. All we could say was, “WOW!