Hexadecimal A base numbering system also commonly referred to as hex numbers. Proportional Spacing Character spacing in which wide characters occupy more space than do narrow characters. For example, pitch means 12 cpi. These changes are lost at the next power-off. When continuous forms paper is loaded, it moves forward from the park position to the platen. Switch the printer to the Pause state if you are currently printing. If you change the value by a wide margin, you can keep the button pressed continuously; the printer beeps at intervals of 0.

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See the Options tables further to know the permitted range.

Be sure to adjust the paper thickness lever la330w you change the number of copies being printed. Paper thickness lever to adjust the print head gap 4. Online When the printer is online, it is ready to receive or is receiving commands from the computer. Parallel Interface This printer can communicate with the host in two different modes: The following conventions are used in the command listings: The cut sheet stand allows paper to be loaded manually, one sheet at a time.

For example, software often provides a wider range of font sizes than the printer can accommodate. Stopping and Viewing Printing To stop printing, press the Pause button to place the printer in the Pause state.


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The others are character sets. The weight of carbonless dkgital carbon-backed paper may vary, depending on the paper manufacturer. Range Management for a Wide Range of Values The permitted range of these values may be limited considering physical range. However, line spacing may be uneven. Continuous forms include labels and multipart forms fed into the printer using the forms tractors.

The commands are listed by function, in the following order: Apply a small amount of alcohol or water to a soft cloth. Besides the above functions, the serial interface loopback test and the parallel interface loopback test are provided in the printer Set-Up mode.

Typewriter or computer-printed text is typically monospaced. OFF Buzzer off under any condition.

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Specify the paper input source. Make sure that continuous forms paper or single sheet paper is loaded in the printer. Downloaded character set 3: Using the Control Panel This printer can directly select some print features from the control panel.

The computer must stop transmitting data within 63 characters difital DTR being low, or information may be lost. The fan-folded sheets are separated by tearing them at their perforations. A gradual decrease in print quality usually indicates a worn ribbon. The replacement is almost the same with the installation except that it involves removing the old ribbon cartridge and unpacking the purchased ribbon cartridge from the carton.


Switch the dlgital to the Pause state if you are currently printing. Single line 2 or 3: These settings remain dihital effect until the next time they are changed.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

Removing Continuous Forms To avoid wasting paper when removing printed continuous forms paper, the printer has the tear-off function.

Several sheets of paper may be required to make all of your Set-Up mode selections.

The lighted indicator w shows the font selected. Single sheets are also called cut sheets.

Digital LA30W

Printing Test The printing test function prints test pages independently of your computer to check printing operations and quality. Place the cloth against the platen and manually rotate the platen knob.

The following table identifies common print quality problems and suggests solutions.