Sports drinks are not that much popular in the general consumers. Do you know about sports drinks? One is we can sell our product and other thing is there will be effective advertisement of our product by doing this. This part will contain attractive graphics to promote the product among general consumers. Thanking you for your kind supervision. In this segmentation lifestyle is very important. So here threat of close substitute product is considered as another entry barrier.

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We have plan to arrange attractive sales promotion for our product. We hope that this will meet the standard of your judgment.

A grown up male needs to drink daily 3 to 4 liter water. Besides, local brands are using technology based production plant with massproduction and order to fed basis. Sports Drink Konia That is why thereis no huge difference among their brands. But in the whole year there is a good sale of energy drinks and mineral water.

The color of plastic paper and can will be green. Differentiated or Multi-Segment Approach Segmenting Consumer Markets To fix our target customers it is essential to make a proper segmentation. December We will find the distributors for urban areas for this product in this one month.

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So we will do the same. From market trend it is clear that there are customers who are ready to spend for the right product.


For that we can renovate an important play ground in the city or give financial support to a famous poor sportsman or beautify the road side of a city. On that time it is their need which they can fulfill by taking natural water.

From the current market trend we have tried to analyze the ree of the energy drink industry and isotonic drink Konia. We have a plan to be the sponsor of a good sports program or sports news segment of a well watched TV channel. Todaymost of the people in both urban and rural areas are taking soft drinks and also energy drinks in a largeamount. Now a faarhana cricket has become number one game in our country.

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It does not stimulate body like energy drinks. The population of Bangladesh is , Till July So energy drinks have huge grip in the beverage market of Bangladesh. Californian surf crew, Brown Girl Surf, runs Surf Sister Saturday outings, a summer camp and a new buddying program for young women of colour. Certain amount of Sports drink will be kept in a Plastic bottle ml or can ml. Because it is a non durable goods and drink item so there wiil be no warranty of this product for the general customers.

Threat of new entrants New sports drink can be launched in the market. The nonprofit foundation was set up with the mission to make spinal cord injury curable. The age orientation of Ded is pyramidal which has made Bangladesh attractive to market our product. Because it is a hypothetical marketing plan that is why we have taken a small area.


We will also keep sufficient capital to manage the increased working capital requirement due to delays in payment and need to keep a sufficient inventory. There are 3 of basic price-ranges: Juice industry mainly focus on the young kids and people.

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City Group Jibon 6. Because the product will be sold by the retailers to the general consumers that is why we have minimum chanace to serve directly our consumers. Even in some places the sale of energy drinks is more than the soft drinks. By third year the company will try to ensure that in every small and big towns there product will be available to the retailers.