Efficient by design and created to simplify storage, the XIV Storage System Gen3 exemplifies IBM Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing, empowering thousands of organizations worldwide to treat their data as an economic asset that is the basis for new business opportunity. Field install only Customer Setup: For your convenience, on the IBM has provided two additional years of extended warranty services to make this offering. Ease of management that goes below the surface, with a virtualized architecture, highly intuitive GUI, and clever implementation of role-based management all add up to create a streamlined user experience, with less administration. Minimum number of features per Model: These parts are to be serviced during the IBM machine warranty period.

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Product life cycle dates. Feature and are used on an exception basis only. One of feature,or must be selected.

Family 2812+01 IBM XIV Storage System Model A14

Must be ordered with feature Simplify enterprise storage operations while minimizing costs with tuning-free consistent performance, cloud automation and security and data protection. This feature is ordered for installations where 2810xjv a full sized assembled storage unit would be impractical.

On the initial order, if the quantity of this feature is ibj, the quantity of feature must be three or more. A minimum of four is required for an initial CoD order.


IBM XIV Storage System – Overview – United States

Must have or Corequisites: The system can self-optimize automatically upon changes in the hardware configuration, such as the addition of modules or replacement of modules upon failure. This rule applies to all valid partially populated configurations Minimum required: The maximum order quantity for this feature is one, and this feature is for initial plant order only.

One on initial order; 99 for MES field orders. If the total quantity of feature installed and on order is more than three, the quantity of feature or feature must be six. This feature is not compatible with feature Exceptional security and reliability Protect data through hot encryption, advanced mirroring, self-healing and more than 5 nines availability.

XIV algorithms enhance the 2810xic of commodity flash drives to help deliver ultra-high cache performance to all system data. A minimum of three activations are required for an initial 6 module 4 TB CoD order.

The XIV line of storage products continues to provide the same great ease-of-management and reliability. Efficient capacity utilization functionality, including space-efficient snapshots and advanced thin provisioning, helps support savings in capacity and cost, and less administration requirements.

Sum of features and cannot exceed quantity of feature plus three. All other configurations are available for both plant and 2810xov order.

The XIV Storage System Model A14 is available in configurations with six, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen modules. On initial order and MES order, feature can only be paired with feature ; It excludes feature Unlike some traditional storage systems, XIV is designed to offer tuning-free encryption while sustaining high performance.


Configurations are available in both one-and three-year warranty options. The enhancements in this release is intended to enable: Under certain conditions, IBM provides services for selected non-IBM parts at no additional charge for machines that are covered under warranty service upgrades or maintenance services.

The following on-site response-time objectives are available as warranty service upgrades for your machine.

CoD configurations are available to provide a method to quickly provision new physical storage and can be ordered at any of the valid partially populated capacities. Refer to the Installation and Planning Guide for more information. On the initial and MES order, feature can only be paired with feature or feature Capacity on Demand CoD configurations: The unique XIV architecture supports the use of high-density drives even for high-performance enterprise environments.

Accessibility by people with disabilities A U.