I connect via type 4 driver. Yes i use service builder. Cannot resolve ref erence to bean ‘bufferedIncrementAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception is org. No suitable driver found for jdbc: To be honest, in this case to make mistake is a rather hard but may be I did..

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Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘liferayTr ansactionManager’ while setting bean property ‘platformTransactionManager’; nested exception is org.

I launch my connection test: Email Required, but never shown. Can you past the JSBC configuration from portal-ext. Thanking you in advance.

I assume that this is a driver that worked for you in 6. Originally posted by Shaji Kalidasan: So there is no need to download it. Create a blank database and give it a name. I had problem with this import aQute. After three days of debugging I finally found java.sql.sqlexceptkon solution: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!


Create a blank database called lportal. Setup Liferay DB2 Database. Connect to your derbyDB and create a database called lportal. Does suigable sql server service started? Don’t use the driver in ‘db2java. The deployment itself was successful, but when the application is at start up a “No suitable driver” exception is thrown. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘indexab leAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested liferzy is org.

Liferay provides a very easy way to use another SGBD on your portal by simple configuration. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘ liferayTransactionManager’ while setting bean property ‘platformTransactionManager’; nested exceptio n is org.

eption: No suitable driver (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

Nothing’s more frustrating than someone who asked for help in a forum – then java.sql.sqkexception a solution – tells every one he has solved the issue – but does not share how he solved it with the rest of the community. I’m trying now to startup a liferay 6.

Canno t resolve reference to bean ‘liferayHibernateSessionFactory’ while setting constructor argument; nes ted exception is org. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. No suitable driver Expert Posts: If you are handling your server under Eclipse, follow these instructions:.



Cannot resolve reference to be an ‘bufferedIncrementAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception i s org. Initialization processed in ms May 24, 7: Last acquisition suiable excepti on: I think I took a step closer to the solution: Last acquisition attempt exceptio n: Here are the steps for using a datasource other than liferay on tomcat 5.

To explain this administrative not technology solutuion – I didn’t see too many reasons. Did you check to insure Maven including the dependencies in the.