It pairs very nicely with an Elecraft K3. Strictly follow instruction displayed on screen. Will be wonderful if the microham company make a good and reliable software to cover all the modes and the customer will not need to make experiments with many different of them also will help that for the setup to any transceiver. Cable to the radio needs to be ordered separately! All OK if you use it only with watts output.

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This makes this sound card much more suitable for demanding amateur radio applications.

microHAM: Downloads

It’s fine crafted, nice cabinet, built with care. Have a look at cable schematic and Friend recommended Microham usb III. This is a great product. This isn’t a big deal and doesn’t require frequent changes once the jumpers are set.

Set up was easy with my IC and Windows Ok you need something like this but you can spend much less money. Support for Windows7 Bit is included since version 7. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW. New to Ham Radio?

If you need an micronam like this, buy with confidence. On the plus side, I have not observed any adverse signal delays using the virtual ports over physical ports. I use a Microkeyer interface because it has: Station Master English manual.


I use Logger32 for everyday logging and N1MM for contest logging and both work great with it. Now some multi mode programs e. This of course isn’t a show-stopper, but it goes to show how small the device is. Depending on the load of the computer the timing of keying can vary jitter or be delayed latency.

Finally it seems to work, i got my pc running 4 sw: There is a bit of a learning curve with the microHam products. This affects nothing that I have seen as every digital mode that I have used falls easily into micgoham envelope. All connections between the uwb and laptop are galvanically isolated to prevent ground loops and other harmful interference. After updated Router starts and connects your USB devices you may be asked to update firmware in your device.

Do not uncheck documents you want to keep on computer but don’t want to download, they won’t be downloaded if are not updated. In Router click Help Download Documents.


Microham USB III – SM Technology

In Router click Help Update Router. Contact the site with comments or questions.

For more information read mivroham information on the page. This interface offers the usual level converters for nearly all CAT interfaces, electrically isolated lines for PTT and CW keying, an input for a squelch udb and electrically isolated audio interfaces.

We’re hams though, so tinkering isn’t really a bad thing. When using AFSK this problem does not exist. I noticed a lot of serious contesters, and DXers for that matter, were using mH gear.


Microhwm one, you won’t regret it. Wired to CTS Size: With a reasonable price you can get it and you have a reliable device for any digital mode.

So you don’t need separate audio cables to the computer anymore, the original sound card of your computer remains free for other applications.